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Essentials Free Pro
Autocomplete Search
Access to Pro Updates
Technical Support
Search Engine Free Pro
Very fast up to 100 products
Very fast for 10 000+ products
Very fast for 100 000+ products
Ultra-fast search engine (average 0.2 second per request)
Fuzzy search
Search for products Free Pro
Search by Product Name
Search by Description
Search by Short Description
Search by SKU
Search by Variation Product SKU
Search by Custom Fields (include ACF)
Search by Attributes
Search by Categories
Search by Tags
Search by Brands
Exclude Product Filters
Appearance Free Pro
Display Product Image
Display Price
Display Product Short Description
Display SKU
Details Panel for Each Suggestion
Color Management
Mobile friendly
Non-product content Free Pro
Show Matching Product Categories in Autocomplete
Show Matching Product Tags in Autocomplete
Show Matching Brands in Autocomplete
Show Matching Posts in Autocomplete
Show Matching Pages in Autocomplete
Other Free Pro
Integrations with Dozens of Themes And Plugins
Darkened background
Voice search
FiboSearch Analytics
Google Analytics Support
Synchronization on the WooCommerce Search Results Page
Multilingual Support (WPML and Polylang)
Multilingual Support (TranslatePress)
Simple Custom CSS for Individual Customization of the Search Form
Help with Embedding or Replacing the Search Form in any Theme

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