It's a changelog of the FiboSearch Pro. To see a changelog of the FiboSearch Free version, visit our page on

  • Release Date - December 21, 2021

    FIX: Dynamic pricing is not displaying correctly

  • Release Date - December 16, 2021

    ADD: Integration with a Uncode theme

    ADD: Integration with Uncode theme - support for dark menu skin

    ADD: Possibility to submit the search event to Google Analytics in your own way

    ADD: Basic support for AMP

    ADD: Allow getting search results programmatically

    ADD: New path for WordPress load: wp-cms

    ADD: Ability to load the search endpoint from custom locations

    ADD: Allow switch to the alternative search endpoint if the default is blocked

    ADD: The loader icon in the “Indexer” tab while building the index

    FIX: Integration with the Goya theme has stopped working

    FIX: Divi theme integration - overlay on mobile was fixed. Support for new Divi ID #et_top_search_mob

    FIX: Divi theme integration - search form did not disappear after exiting mobile overlay

    FIX: Search suggestions were invisible because of a bug in the old version of jQuery UI. The method outerHeight() returned an object instead of a number

    FIX: Simplifying integration with Polylang

    FIX: PHP 8 compatibility

    FIX: Identifying an index build error due to a low "max_allowed_packet" value in the MySQL server

    FIX: Prevent cache indexer queue data

    FIX: Remove unused directories

    FIX: TranslatePress integration - wrong translation in suggestions URLs

    FIX: Troubleshooting tab - the button “Fix out of stock relationships” button doesn't work

    FIX: Not using search cache when its tables do not exist

    CHANGE: Remove info about rebranding

  • Release Date - October 25, 2021

    FIX: Unable to search in other languages than the default one (TranslatePress, qTranslate-XT, sometimes WPML)

  • Release Date - October 17, 2021

    ADD: Integration with “GeneratePress” theme

    ADD: Possibility to set a delay for initialization of mobile overlay

    ADD: New filter to manipulate the results score

    ADD: New debugging tools for an indexer

    ADD: Details Panel - support for responsive images including retina images (2x), sizes, and srcset

    ADD: Possibility to insert custom HTML in 5 places in the search suggestion

    ADD: New filter and action hooks

    ADD: Searching in custom taxonomies

    ADD: Allow to easier change the order of the search results by simple code snippets

    FIX: Prevent hiding search results on click an Enter key when submit is disabled via a filter

    FIX: No results on search page when WPML is active with “Language name added as a parameter” option

    FIX: Support for version v1.3.1 of Open Shop theme

    FIX: Integrating with Divi theme - delay in starting JS scripts

    FIX: Integrating with Divi theme - force search overlay for mobile devices

    FIX: Unnecessary HTML tags in the search input after selecting a suggestion

    FIX: Hide mobile overlay after submitting a form or clicking a result. Fixes screen after clicking iPhone back arrow

    FIX: [Troubleshooting] Fixed false negative in “OutOfStockRelationships test”. An order of arrays was taken into account for the diff function. It was replaced by full diff

    FIX: Unnecessary hiding all products in Woocommerce Memberships plugin (version < 1.22)

    FIX: Prevent an PDO error with the message “There is no active transaction”

    FIX: Prevent an fatal error with the message “Call to undefined function admin_url()” during search

    FIX: Unable to search products with very long SKU (more than 100 chars)

    FIX: No search results if B2BKing is active and hiding products is disabled

    FIX: Prevent errors while searching phrases that contain only spaces

    FIX: Unclosed tag <a/>

    FIX: Typo on Troubleshooting tab

    FIX: Clear “alt” attribute in the product thumbnail

    FIX: Disabling search cache when its tables do not exist

    REFACTOR: Direct passing items set to searchable indexer instead using DB

    REFACTOR: Escape search terms the way WordPress core does

    REFACTOR: Replacing image with thumbnails in "DgoraWcas\Post" class to keep a consistent style compared with "DgoraWcas\Product"

  • Release Date - July 27, 2021

    ADD: Integration with "eStore" theme

    ADD: Allow to open search result in new tab with Ctrl+left mouse key

    ADD: Integration with "Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce" plugin

    ADD: Ability to search in the content generated by the specified shortcodes

    ADD: Integration with WooCommerce Memberships plugin

    ADD: New filter to manipulating products score

    ADD: Integration with "Premmerce Brands for WooCommerce" plugin

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - add test if MySQL server has support to InnoDB engine

    FIX: Disappearing suggestions and details panel on click when there were more search bars

    FIX: Improved integration with "Avada" theme

    FIX: Improved mobile search in new version of "Rehub" theme

    FIX: Unable to use context menu and middle mouse button on search results

    FIX: "Eletro" theme - Support cases when the search overlay is disabled

    FIX: Identifying error "MySQL server has gone away"

    FIX: Brand related filters can now be used in a theme

    FIX: Change empty DB_HOST for IPv4 address

    FIX: PHP Warning in the indexer logs (rare case): array_values() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given

    FIX: TranslatePress - randomly untranslated URLs of objects as they were added to the index

    REFACTOR: Clean up composer files

  • Release Date - June 22, 2021

    ADD: Integration with Electro theme

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - test language codes

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - check if the Elementor Pro has defined correct template for search results

    ADD: Support for “ACF” fields in the “Search in custom fields” list

    ADD: Support for “ACF Table” field in the “Search in custom fields” list

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - test if the index was built by the current plugin version

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - test "Out of stock" relationships

    ADD: Compatibility with “Permalink Manager for WooCommerce” plugin

    ADD: Support for qTranslate-XT

    FIX: “WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce” - disappearing filters if “Dynamic recount” and “Hide empty terms” was enabled and other issues

    FIX: TranslatePress v1.9.8 and higher - results on the search page were different from the results in the autocomplete

    FIX: Remove unnecessary AJAX request on select “See all products ... (X)”

    FIX: The search form is now generated without random ID, to be compatible with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin

    FIX: Order terms by total_products if there is the same score

    FIX: Better index rebuild enforcement when the plugin version changes

    FIX: PHP WARNING json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

    FIX: Not using the getmypid() function when it has been disabled

    FIX: Do not index term if isn't associated with any object

    FIX: The "Search in description" option now also applies to variations of products

    FIX: Reindex related products after edit/delete term. Applies to category, tag, brand and attribute

    FIX: Add another alternative location of wp-load.php file: wordpress/wp-load.php

    REFACTOR: Change .dgwt-wcas-suggestion element from <div> to <a> to allow open a suggestion in a new tab

  • Release Date - May 24, 2021

    ADD: Integration with Goya theme

    ADD: Integration with Top and Top Store Pro theme

    ADD: Keep the state of a details panel in memory instead of replacing it every time using jQuery.html() method. Doesn't clear quantity and "add to cart" states

    ADD: Prevent submit empty form

    ADD: Possibility to index only products belonging to the indicated categories, tags or groups of attributes

    ADD: Show category thumbnails in autocomplete suggestions

    ADD: Show brand thumbnails in autocomplete suggestions

    FIX: W3 validator warning: The type attribute for the style element is not needed and should be omitted

    FIX: Search terms with apostrophes

    FIX: Synchronization with the native WooCommerce option "Out of stock visibility"

    FIX: Hiding an unnecessary line in the product details when there is no description

    FIX: Adding polyfill for supporting “includes” in Internet Explorer 11

    FIX: Better elements positioning on the "Starting" tab on the plugin settings page

    FIX: Support for custom Google Analytics object name

    FIX: Better handling “plus” and “minus” buttons for a quantity field

    FIX: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_review_count() on null

    FIX: Displaying the search box off screen on mobile devices

    FIX: Correct way for rebuilding autocomplete feature on an input by manually recalling dgwtWcasAutocomplete(). Remove more events on dispose method

    FIX: Highlight single chars in autocomplete results

    FIX: Add trim on query value

    FIX: Clear search title and phrase from escape characters

    FIX: Indexer errors when only one language is active in WPML

    FIX: Rebuilding index when WPML active languages change

    FIX: Composer - allow to use PHP 7.0.x

    FIX: Variations are also excluded when the “Exclude 'out of stock' products” option is active

    FIX: AJAX endpoint search.php now send a proper empty response if language is invalid

    FIX: Identifying an indexer error related to a database connection limit

    FIX: Indexing variations when updating a single product

    FIX: Logging indexer timeout warning and show solution for it when indexer stuck

    FIX: Exclude terms in search result matched by “Exclude/include products” option

    FIX: “WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce” - correct results after using filter or pagination and counters next to the filters

    FIX: InnoDB engine forcing in index tables

    REFACTOR: Standardize filters name and define indexer set items count in one place

    CHANGE: Decrease searchable indexer set items count from 100 to 50

  • Release Date - April 22, 2021

    ADD: Possibility to disable select event on suggestions (click and hit the Enter key)

    ADD: Possibility to disable submit a search form via a filter

    ADD: New tool for debugging a indexer

    ADD: Notifying user (via icon) of an indexer error or index build delay

    ADD: Improving a search index build in the background

    ADD: New light method for building a search index - synchronously mode

    FIX: Not working click event on suggestions after using “back arrow” on a Safari browser

    FIX: Allow to recognize Chinese lang codes such as zh-hant and zh-hans

    FIX: Error on PHP 8. Wrong format for printf function

    FIX: When searching for something and then clicking “back arrow”, the “✕” for closing remained

    FIX: Wrong path in restoration theme

    FIX: Better checking of nonces

    FIX: Handle efficiently long queries by limiting characters and tokens when searching

    FIX: Correct handling of terms in which characters can be written differently eg. “läßt” and “lässt”

    FIX: Sort search results by popularity - “desc” instead “asc”

    FIX: Better detection when the indexer is stuck

    FIX: Skip collecting irrelevant MySQL errors by Query Monitor

    FIX: Troubleshooting - improvement of checking database connection by PDO

    FIX: Duplicate attributes in the variant title

    FIX: Indexer errors when only one language is active in TranslatePress

    FIX: Integration with WooCommerce Product Filter by WooBeWoo - no products with AJAX filtering

    FIX: Unnecessary sorting when fetching products with search results

    FIX: Allow to delete product from an index after making order

    FIX: Limit the search scope for multiple keywords as single letters

    REFACTOR: Troubleshooting - improved detection of problems with WP-Cron

    REFACTOR: Better indexer error handling

    REFACTOR: Build an index for variants in a separate background process

    REFACTOR: Build an index for taxonomies in a separate background process

    REMOVE: Excessive scheduler actions fixer was removed

  • Release Date - March 15, 2021

    ADD: Support for WooCommerce Private Store plugin

    ADD: TranslatePress integration

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - test if PDO can connect to DB

    ADD: Support for search products, post and pages with no translation in WPML (WPML settings: "Translatable - use translation if available or fallback to default language")

    CHANGE: Plugin rebranding - Replace the plugin name AJAX Search for WooCommerce with new name FiboSearch

    CHANGE: Plugin rebranding - Replace the old domain with new

    CHANGE: Plugin rebranding - Update visual assets

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK to v2.4.2

    CHANGE: New alternate shortcode [fibosearch] instead of [wcas-search-form]

    CHANGE: Min supported version of PHP is 7.0

    FIX: Fixed PHP Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

    FIX: Fixed Chrome lighthouse insights

    FIX: Missing of dgwt-wcas-active class when the search was focused too early

    FIX: Grammar and spelling errors in texts

    FIX: Speed up placeholder search engine when

    REMOVE: Removed useless dgwt-wcas-search-submit name attribute

    REMOVE: Removed unused search forms from a Avada theme

    REFACTOR: Move product related logic from Updater.php to Product.php

  • Release Date - February 03, 2021

    ADD: Support for Astra theme

    ADD: Support for Avada theme - replacing a fusion search form

    ADD: Support for Open Shop theme

    ADD: Support for Divi - menu in custom header and hiding search results when opening a search overlay

    ADD: Support for CiyaShop theme

    ADD: Support for BigCart theme

    ADD: Support for WCMP Marketplace

    ADD: New option to exclude products belonging to the indicated categories, tags or groups of attributes

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - valid search results

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - check if WooCommerce Multilingual is active when site uses WPML

    ADD: New test for the troubleshooting module - check if conflicted plugin YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is installed

    ADD: Integration with WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options plugin

    ADD: Integration with B2BKing plugin

    ADD: Integration with Brands for WooCommerce plugin by BeRocket

    ADD: Integration with brands solution delivered by WP Bingo themes

    ADD: Limit the number of fields to be searched using the native engine when the search index is not ready

    FIX: Increase the clickable area of the 'back button' in the overlay mobile mode

    FIX: Disappearing search bar especially on Firefox

    FIX: Hide new aggressive admin notices added by other plugins

    FIX: Hide shortcodes in the Details Panel

    FIX: Divi theme integration - Prevent to focus input if it isn't empty. Fix case with more search bars in #main-header selector

    FIX: Adaptation to the new class name convention of WooCommerce Product Table plugin

    FIX: Fixed display of category names and tags in the Details Panel when the name contains an apostrophe

    FIX: Support for other language code like xx-xx

    FIX: Add attributes names of variations for search suggestions

    FIX: Easiest way of removing the search index from the database

    FIX: Bug related to run the search index process in loop for timezone GMT+11 and similar

    FIX: Incorrect language for post/pages

    FIX: Avoiding infinite index rebuilding when there are no products

    FIX: Add alternate WP loading path for Themosis Framework

  • Release Date - December 04, 2020

    ADD: Support for Rehub theme

    ADD: Support for Supro theme

    FIX: Troubleshooting module improvements

    FIX: Blinking suggestions

    FIX: Bug in icon colors

    FIX: Flatsome theme - quantity buttons issue

    FIX: Divi theme - hide extra search bar in footer

    FIX: Mobile overlay improvements for iPhones

    FIX: Better suggestion order for non latin letters

    FIX: Action URL in search form when Polylang is active

    FIX: Performance - prevent queuing redundant actions in Action Scheduler and remove unnecessary

    FIX: Undefined function admin_url() during some search request

    REMOVE: Mobile Detect library

  • Release Date - October 23, 2020

    ADD: Support for Sober theme

    ADD: Support for Divi theme

    ADD: Support for Block Shop theme

    ADD: Support for Enfold theme

    ADD: Support for Restoration theme

    ADD: Support for Salient theme

    ADD: Support for Konte theme

    ADD: New filter and action hooks

    ADD: <br> to HTML whitelist for search suggestions

    ADD: Allow to add search icon as menu item

    ADD: Allow to change colors of search icon

    ADD: Troubleshooting module on the plugin settings page

    ADD: Support for Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration plugin

    ADD: Integration with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin - visibility of products and prices

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK to v2.4.1

    CHANGE: Replace old close "x" icon with Material Design icons

    FIX: Empty search results on search results page

    FIX: Support Touchpad click for some devices

    FIX: Mixed Content on the plugin settings page in some cases

    FIX: Integration with Flatsome theme

    FIX: Broken translations via WPML String Translation

    FIX: Wrong time in Scheduling Indexing feature

    FIX: Bug in synonyms regex

    FIX: Add primary keys to few DB tables to improve compatibility with DigitalOcean hosting

    FIX: Automatic select variation suggestion after submit the form

    FIX: Support for WooCommerce Products Visibility - show products if there are no rules yet

    FIX: Improved integration with JetSmartFilters and JetWooBuilder plugins

    FIX: Support for adoptive options feature in Product Filter for WooCommerce (by XforWooCommerce) plugin

    FIX: Issues related to high CPU usage

    FIX: Improved checking if Polylang plugin is active

    FIX: Bug with DB collation in specific cases

  • Release Date - July 12, 2020

    ADD: Integration with FacetWP plugin

    ADD: Support for Shopkeeper theme

    ADD: Support for The7 theme

    ADD: Support for Avada theme

    ADD: Support for Shop Isle theme

    ADD: Support for Shopical theme

    ADD: Support for Ekommart theme

    ADD: Support for Savoy theme

    ADD: Support for Sober theme

    ADD: Support for Bridge theme

    ADD: Possibility to change search icon color

    ADD: New filter hook for a search form value

    ADD: Support for Site Search module in Google Analytics

    ADD: Support fro brand served via Martfury Addons plugin, the part of the Martfury theme

    ADD: Integration with WooCommerce Products Visibility plugin

    FIX: Add CSS border-box for each elements in search bar, suggestions and details panel

    FIX: Sending events to Google Tag Manager

    FIX: Remove <b> from product title

    FIX: Search in categories and tags for Russian terms

    FIX: Duplicated category in breadcrumb

    FIX: No results when searching for phrase included apostrophe or double quote

    FIX: Details panel - Remove HTML from titles attribute

    FIX: Fixed for integration with Woo Product Filter plugin by WooBeWoo

    FIX: Fixed for integration with XforWooCommerce plugin

    FIX: Error: Undefined index: is_taxonomy in some cases

    FIX: Better relevancy for exact match product title or SKU

    FIX: Displaying product variation in the Details Panel

  • Release Date - May 17, 2020

    FIX: Selecting suggestions issue

  • Release Date - May 17, 2020

    ADD: Icon search instead of search bar (beta)

    ADD: Improvements on search results pages

    ADD: Integration with native WooCommerce filters

    ADD: Integration with Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin by BeRocket

    ADD: Integration with WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce plugin by realmag777

    ADD: Integration with Product Filters for WooCommerce plugin by Automattic developed by Nexter

    ADD: Integration with Woo Product Filter plugin by WooBeWoo

    ADD: Integration with WooCommerce Product Table plugin by Barn2 media

    ADD: Support for TheGem theme

    ADD: Support for Impreza theme

    ADD: Support for Medicor theme

    ADD: Support for WoodMart theme

    ADD: Support for Polylang

    ADD: New filter and action hooks

    ADD: Dynamically loaded prices for WPML Multi-currency feature

    ADD: Update search index for parent product on variation change

    ADD: New filter hook to search products by category description

    ADD: New filter hook to disable updater. Useful when importing large dataset

    CHANGE: Remove outdated backward compatibility system

    CHANGE: Move wp_register_style under the wp_enqueue_scripts hook

    FIX: Mobile search - don't hide suggestions on blur

    FIX: Bug related to highlight keywords. For some cases it displayed <strong> tag

    FIX: Delay on mouse hover effect

    FIX: Minor CSS improvements

    FIX: Broken mobile view on cart page in some cases

    FIX: AJAX endpoint - support for WP directory structure of Flywheel hosting

    FIX: Synonyms feature - better replacement special chars

    FIX: Synonyms feature - support for Cyrillic

    FIX: Synonyms feature - more matching synonyms to single text

    FIX: Press ENTER key on "See all products..."

    FIX: Loading unexpected PorterStemmer

    FIX: Better search order - extra score for exact match

    FIX: Admin settings - better manage custom fields (Selectize)

    FIX: Redirect to product variation with preselected attributes instead of open search results page (on submit)

    FIX: Wrong search expression when special chars exist

    FIX: Displaying no results when search engine found nothing

    FIX: Not working action scheduler

  • Release Date - March 11, 2020

    ADD: Details panel - display stock quantity

    ADD: Support for YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on (free version)

    ADD: Support for Perfect WooCommerce Brands support

    ADD: Better search for phrases include special chars

    ADD: Update a product info in search index after make changes via WooCommerce REST API

    CHANGE: Rename jQuery object from Autocomplete to DgwtWcasAutocompleteSearch because of namespaces conflicts

    FIX: Better support for the Elementor including popups and sticky menu

    FIX: Better support for page builders. Late initialization

    FIX: Disabling automatic regenerate thumbnails. Conditionally images regeneration

    FIX: HTTP 500 on getResultDetails for some cases

    FIX: Too long description in live suggestions

    FIX: Add non-breaking space for prices

    FIX: JS errors Failed to execute 'getComputedStyle' on 'Window' (for some cases)

    FIX: Better sync on search results page

    FIX: Support for Advanced AJAX Product Filters by BeRocket

    FIX: Synonyms in Vietnamese

    FIX: Issues related to multi currencies in WPML

    FIX: Issues related to "out of stock" status

    FIX: Non-indexing products in WPML (for some cases)

    FIX: Search issues when fuzzy search feature is disabled

  • Release Date - February 18, 2020

    ADD: Details Panel - new layout for product overview and other UX improvements

    ADD: Automatically regenerates images after first plugin activation

    ADD: Synonyms

    ADD: Search in tags

    ADD: Filter for all labels for easier overwriting

    ADD: Action hook on indexer completed

    FIX: Minor issues in search preview in the settings

    FIX: Details panel - hide "add to cart" button after adding - fix for some themes

    FIX: Details panel - display overview for post and page suggestion type

    FIX: Details panel - display overview for brand suggestion type

    FIX: Better product short descriptions for suggestion and details panel

    FIX: Repair the index rebuild after changing settings

    FIX: Highlighted no results suggestion

    FIX: Better security

  • Release Date - January 26, 2020

    ADD: Scheduling Indexing via the plugin settings

    ADD: Builds the index asynchronously after save or delete products. Does not block the product edit logic

    ADD: Support for Bedrock default ABSPATH

    ADD: Search debugger

    ADD: Update a search index after call create/update and delete methods via WooCommerce REST API

    ADD: Details Panel - grouped load, faster load

    ADD: New way to embed search box - embedding by menu

    ADD: Details panel - show "more products..." link for taxonomy type suggestion

    ADD: Add <form> to quantity elements in a details panel

    ADD: New filters and actions hook

    CHANGE: Increase limit for GROUP_CONCAT (group_concat_max_len) to 100000

    CHANGE: Disable search in title for post/pages by default

    CHANGE: Decrease debounce time for better speed effect

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK v2.3.2

    FIX: Always submit form on press ENTER key

    FIX: Switch to Native WP search engine when the index isn't completed

    FIX: Exclude from cache update_option in the indexer

    FIX: Stemmer - Backward compatibility

    FIX: Product variations exact match

    FIX: Better order by score for post and pages

    FIX: Permalink for variable products

    FIX: Indexer progress bar percent overload in some cases

    FIX: Table dgwt_wcas_tax_index - SQL error for CREATE INDEX Statement

    FIX: Minor indexer errors

    FIX: Variable products SKU exact match - show variant only if it has own SKU

    FIX: Search in meta fields - better meta key validation

    FIX: WPML - Support for hidden languages

    FIX: Automatic index update after changing settings: show pages, show posts

    FIX: Better rules for checking "out of stock" products

    FIX: MySQL connector - fix bug related to empty charset

    FIX: Issue related to colors in plugin settings

    FIX: Suggestions groups - improved limits

    FIX: Pricing for taxonomy term in a details panel

    FIX: Show a details panel on keys UP and DOWN

    FIX: Mobile search overlay - block scroll of <html> tag (issue on iPhones)

    FIX: Better data-wcas-context ID, bypasses opcache

    FIX: W3C - Accessibility errors

    FIX: Storefront mobile search - more time for input autofocus

    FIX: Disable quantity for Astra Pro theme - there were broken buttons

    FIX: Minor CSS improvements

  • Release Date - December 08, 2019

    ADD: Search in variation products description

    ADD: WPML support

    ADD: Support for - Visibility by Country

    ADD: Support for - Prices by Country

    ADD: New translations

    ADD: Non-product search - posts

    ADD: Non-product search - pages

    ADD: Possibility to change collation

    ADD: Wptexturize support

    ADD: Suggestions groups

    ADD: Hide advanced settings

    ADD: Better grouping of settings

    ADD: Support for Google Analytics events

    ADD: Search bar preview in settings

    ADD: New action and filters hooks

    CHANGE: Removing all custom DB tables and options after removing the plugin

    CHANGE: Removing all custom DB tables before build new search index

    CHANGE: Rename class Buildier to Builder

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    REMOVE: Search engine based on SQLite

    FIX: Flatsome theme support for [search] shortcode

    FIX: Images in details panel

    FIX: Custom attributes support

    FIX: Indexer improvements

    FIX: Post IDs bigger than 2147483647

    FIX: Support for unexpected and bad output from methods of WC_Product class

    REMOVE: Remove ontouch event from mobile detect

  • Release Date - September 21, 2019

    FIX: Infinite loop after plugin activation (for some users)

    FIX: Updating brands in the search index after saving product

    FIX: Updating custom fields in the search index after saving product

  • Release Date - September 16, 2019

    ADD Search in custom fields

    ADD Search in brands (support for WooCommerce Brands and YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on Premium)

    ADD Show also matching brands in the autocomplete suggestions similar to category and tags

    ADD: Integration with the Flatsome theme. It is possible to replace the Flatsome search form via one checbox in the plugin settings page

    CHANGE: Update/sync fork of devbridge/jQuery-Autocomplete to the latest version

    CHANGE: Settings design

    FIX: Indexer issues with shared hosting and PHP FPM limitations

    FIX: Empty plugin logo in the opt-in form

    FIX: Bug with post ID larger that 8388607

    FIX: Overload servers. Optimization for chain AJAX requests. Creates a debounced function that delays invoking func until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time the debounced function was invoked

    FIX: Better support for HTML entities in products title and description

    FIX: Issues with mobile search version on Storefront theme for iPhones

  • Release Date - August 05, 2019

    ADD: Filter for search results output

    ADD: French translations

    CHANGE: Improving the logger

    CHANGE: Reduction of supported operators for the boolean search feature to only '&' and '|'

    CHANGE: More relevant results for SKUs

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Better support for fixed menu

    FIX: Add box-sizing to the search input to better implementation for some themes

    FIX: Duplicated class Mobile_Detect in some cases

    FIX: Submit button position in some cases

    FIX: Zoom in iPhones on focused input

    FIX: Size of images for categories and tags in the Details panel

    FIX: Improvements in MySQL connections

    FIX: Support for SSL MySQL connections

    FIX: Increase term column size to 127 chars

    FIX: Add DEFAULT value for lang table in DB

    FIX: Update index after changes in terms

    FIX: Show terms even there are no relevant products

  • Release Date - May 04, 2019

    ADD: New modern mobile search UX (beta, disabled by default, enabled only for Storefront theme)

    ADD: Italian translations

    ADD: Spain translations

    CHANGE: Migration from SQLite to MySQL

    CHANGE: Remove unimportant files from vendor

    CHANGE: Implementing flexbox grid (CSS)

    FIX: Problem with duplicated SKU

    FIX: Error with empty attributes

    FIX: Minor search improvements

    FIX: Support for <sup> tag

    FIX: Support or HTML entities in categories and terms names

    FIX: Error with WP Search WooCommerce Integration

    FIX: Conflict with the Divi theme for some cases

  • Release Date - March 02, 2019

    ADD: New logos

    CHANGE: Longer search time limit for searchable index building process

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Indexer improvements

    FIX: Support for tokenizer after updating a product

    FIX: Multiple SKU variations

    FIX: Deactivate browser native "X" icon for search input

    FIX: Products images for tags and categories in Details panel

    FIX: Security fix

  • Release Date - February 17, 2019

    FIX: Order by price on the search results page

  • Release Date - February 16, 2019

    ADD: Add the tokenizer. Better support for "-" and "." in the search terms

    ADD: Emergency mode for the indexer

    ADD: Better errors logging (only for PHP 7)

    ADD: Filters support in the SHORTINIT mode

    ADD: The WP Background Processing package hosted independently

    ADD: The text "No results" and "See all results..." can be customized in the plugin settings

    ADD: New filters and hooks

    CHANGE: Add the "booleanSearch" as a default search mode

    CHANGE: Enforcing use "box-sizing: border-box" within the search form

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Infinite loop in the indexer in some cases

    FIX: Better highlighting results

    FIX: Wrong scoring by SKU

    FIX: PHP error with $_SERVER variable

    FIX: The errors with indexing products with the status "Out of the stock"

    FIX: The error with artificially duplicated search forms occurred in the Mega Menu plugin and some themes

    FIX: The error with missing Apache "headers" extension

    FIX: Hide the "Account" link in the free plugin versions

    FIX: The error with the appearance of the tags suggestion

    FIX: Problem with artificially duplicated search forms occurred in the Mega Menu plugin and some themes

  • Release Date - January 06, 2019

    FIX: PHP error with widget

  • Release Date - January 06, 2019

    ADD: Speed up search by new search engine based on inverted index

    ADD: Fuzzy search

    ADD: Search in variation products SKUs

    ADD: Search in product attributes

    ADD: If there are more results than limit, the "See all results..." link will appear

    ADD: Information about the PRO features

    ADD: Breadcrumbs for nested product categories

    FIX: Better synchronization between the ajax search results and the search page

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Improvements in the scoring system

    FIX: Image placeholder for products without image

    FIX: Add SKU label translatable in the suggestions

  • Release Date - October 26, 2018

    ADD: Storefront support as a option. Allows to replace the native Storefront search form

    FIX: Improving the relevance of search results by adding score system

    FIX: Problem with too big images is some cases

    FIX: Support for HTML entities in the search results

    FIX: Bugs with the blur event on mobile devices

  • Release Date - August 24, 2018

    ADD: Backward compatibility system

    ADD: Support of image size improvements in Woocommerce 3.3

    ADD: Dynamic width of the search form

    ADD: Option to set max width of the search form

    ADD: DISABLE_NAG_NOTICES support for admin notices

    ADD: More hooks for developers

    ADD: Minified version of CSS and JS

    ADD: Label for taxonomy suggestions

    ADD: Quantity input for a add to cart button in the Details panel

    CHANGE: Code refactor for better future development. Composer and PSR-4 support (in part)

    CHANGE: Better settings organization

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Problem with covering suggestions by other HTML elements of themes

    FIX: Details panel in RTL

    FIX: Improvements for the IE browser

  • Release Date - April 22, 2018

    CHANGE: PHP requires tag set to PHP 5.5

    CHANGE: Woocommerce requires tags

    CHANGE: Updated Freemius SDK

    FIX: Removed duplicate IDs

    REMOVE: Removed uninstall.php

  • Release Date - October 01, 2017

    FIX: Disappearing some categories and tags in suggestions

    FIX: Hidden products were shown in search

  • Release Date - September 05, 2017

    ADD: Requires PHP tag in readme.txt

    FIX: PHP Fatal error for PHP < 5.3

  • Release Date - September 03, 2017

    ADD: Admin notice if there is no WooCommerce installed

    ADD: Admin notice for better feedback from users

    CHANGE: Move menu item to WooCommerce submenu

    FIX: Deleting the 'dgwt-wcas-open' class after hiding the suggestion

    FIX: Allows to display HTML entities in suggestions title and description

    FIX: Better synchronizing suggestions and resutls on a search page

  • Release Date - July 12, 2017

    ADD: New WordPress filters

    FIX: Repetitive search results

    FIX: Extra details when there are no results

  • Release Date - June 7, 2017

    FIX: Replace deprecated methods and functions in WC 3.0.x

  • Release Date - June 6, 2017

    ADD: Added Portable Object Template file

    ADD: Added partial polish translation

    FIX: WooCommerce 3.0.x compatible

    FIX: Menu items repeated in a search page

    FIX: Other minor bugs

  • Release Date - October 5, 2016

    NEW: Add WPML compatibility

    FIX: Repeating search results for products in a admin dashboard

    FIX: Overwrite default input element rounding for Safari browser

  • Release Date - July 24, 2016

    FIX: Disappearing widgets

    FIX: Trivial things in CSS

  • Release Date - July 22, 2016

    FIX: Synchronization WP Query on a search page and ajax search query

    CHANGE: Disable auto select the first suggestion

    CHANGE: Change textdomain to ajax-search-for-woocommerce

  • Release Date - June 30, 2016

    FIX: PHP syntax error with PHP version < 5.3

  • Release Date - June 30, 2016

    FIX: Excess AJAX requests in a detail mode

    FIX: Optimization JS mouseover event in a detail mode

    FIX: Trivial things in CSS

  • Release Date - June 24, 2016

    ADD: [Option] Exclude out of stock products from suggestions

    ADD: [Option] Overwrite a suggestion container width

    ADD: [Option] Show/hide SKU in suggestions

    ADD: Add no results note

    FIX: Search in products SKU

    FIX: Trivial changes in CSS and JS files

  • Release Date - June 5, 2016

    ADD: Javascript and CSS dynamic compression

    FIX: Incorrect dimensions of the custom preloader

  • Release Date - May 17, 2016

    First public release