On the FiboSearch blog you can expect to find a knowledge base and tutorials from expertise WooCommerce and WordPress freaks. Four main categories, Optimization, Product, Integrations and Case studies, will give you plenty of insight into WooCommerces workflow. Our goal is to help you make subtle search-related refinements that set your store apart from the competition and increase your sales.

The best search UX you can offer – learn how to design your store around the search bar and turn visitors into customers

Using search or navigation are two main product finding strategies found in modern e-commerces. Of course, with FiboSearch we take great pride in our search engine. Thus, we want to show you how to use search as the main strategy in your store. Additionally, we will meticulously study navigation as it’s the most popular alternative.

Voice search

Voice search, also called voice-enabled, allows the user to use a voice command to search the Internet, a website, or an app – this quote from Wikipedia should give us a general idea of how the voice may be used for any search-related tasks. With the advent of mobile devices and stationary – all powerful and capable of tapping into AI-aided potential to recognize user voice queries – it’s important to implement such features into modern e-commerces. Here’s our take on this issue.

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.20.0

With this update, we’re bringing a bunch of fixes and smaller additions to FiboSearch. All in all it creates a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

Parallel indexing

A properly built index is one of the key factors for a search engine to perform fast and reliably. We would like to introduce an improved indexing methodology, which we’re adopting with the v1.19.0 version of FiboSearch. Here comes parallel indexing!

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.19.0

This update brings many long-awaited changes and improvements to our plugin. We’ve also incorporated some previously beta or experimental features into the core of FiboSearch. Now they’re ready to be used directly from your WP dashboard and without the need for code (almost exclusively). 

FiboSearch ❤ Elementor

Elementor is the most popular builder for WordPress – period. And we, at FiboSearch, absolutely love to integrate with other amazing plugins. That is why we challenged ourselves to actually build something and share it with you. The effect is a minimalistic header with all the bells and whistles you might expect – and more!

Pirx – a bean-shaped search bar design you’ll love

Sometimes “the best looking” feature just isn’t good enough for your shop. That’s why we’ve taken up the challenge and designed a brand new design of FiboSearch search bar. We want it to look the exact opposite to our straight and angular Solaris, our default bar – to give it a soft, curvy and rounded feel that blends smoothly into the front of the store. We called it Pirx.

Darkened background

It’s considered a best practice to add some visual distinction to the auto plate suggestions, according to UX gurus at Baymard Institute. Help your customers navigate your store — here’s how to dim the background and focus their attention on autosuggestions.

Lack of queries insight really hurts your sales

One of the greatest things about e-commerce is that, from an owner’s point of view, you can know exactly what your customers search for. There are plenty of custom analytical and diagnostic tools, accompanied by tons of research and data. But what happens when your clients don’t know the exact model of the item they want or simply… make a typo?

2021 Recap

Another year’s just passed by and for our company it was a time of some major changes. Despite the harsh times of the pandemic, we are happy to announce that we are thriving.

ACF Integration

Our approach to integrating with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). GIF-rich, step by step explanation of how FiboSearch integrates with ACF and what possibilities it creates for FiboSearch users.

Hello world!

We are delighted to welcome you to our blog! This is the very first post and we’d like to introduce ourselves, give you some insight into our company’s history and tell you what you might expect here in the future.