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Why have we scanned our reviews?

Internet reviews might be a tricky territory for any business out there. Due to continually growing customer appetites, keeping up and delivering the best possible products is sometimes not enough. As you all can see for themselves, FiboSearch gathered a rock-steady 5*-review flow throughout the years:

The nature of reviews gathered on the site is that they cannot be altered by FiboSearch by any means – what customers wrote is what you get.

FiboSearch Free is here to help you!

Of course, there are some “bad”, 1* or 2* reviews, however the overall reception is still exceptional, with an average rating of 4.9/5*. In this article we want to:

  • Share the most brilliant and detailed reviews with you
  • Present our statistics
  • Address the lowest ratings – what we did to improve and tackle the problems

We’re also going to share some comments about the Pro version, gathered by Freemius (our resales partner). They aren’t public, so you’ll just have to trust us. We ask clients to review the plugin some time after their purchase and luckily, many of them make the effort to write something. We’ll follow the same pattern as with the Free version: share some stats, address the best and worst reviews.

Reading all reviews gave us priceless insight into what you, our users and customers, cherish the most about FiboSearch. What was praised the most?

  • Our support, with compliments ranging from “great” to “the best ever seen”
  • The overall design and the plugin’s intergace, along the ease of use and implementation
  • Integration with popular plugins and themes – FiboSearch for many is an out-of-the-box companion of their WooCommerce stores

Happy reading!

FiboSearch Free reviews from

A review from will always follow the same pattern:

We’ll use shortcuts to simplify:

  • T = title
  • A = Author
  • C = comment

Comments were left unedited, the original spelling was retained. Some comments were automatically translated and are described as such.

Our rating is rock-solid!


  • T: Astonishingly efficient
  • A: madmax4ever
  • C: This free plugin is impressive. I admit I’ve been amazed by its efficiency despite its simplicity (or maybe it comes from it!). I’ve been curious to see if the paid version was really quicker and I do not regret my money: it’s astonishing. But the free version is a good reflection of this efficiency. Thanks a lot!
  • T: Beautiful Search Plugin
  • A: aissak
  • C: I tested multiple autocomplete search plugins and this one stands out above all. It is the most visually appealing and has a sophisticated search engine. I highly recommend it for your next Woocommerce Theme.
  • T: Awesome Plugin with Amazing Support
  • A: skyhightech
  • C: Using this on my current website. it’s super fast and looks really professional .. I wanted to customize the look to match the color theme of my website. So I reached out to their support and they helped right away .. it works AMAZING!
  • T: Highly Recommended
  • A: qev254
  • C: This is the best woocommerce search plugin I’ve tried so far. The free version is fast and it allows for detailed well-formatted search results. It’s easy to work with and has product preview on hover that can take you right from search to the cart. The plugin can be implemented as a shortcode or as a menu item, though there are other options. The styling options are also great; it fits snugly into my template. Support responds fast. I’m looking forward to working with the Pro version. Many thanks to the Fibosearch team.
  • T: Superb – can’t wait to purchase
  • A: gomle
  • C: I can’t wait to purchase the PRO plugin. As soon as our sites are migrated. THIS is the first plugin that will be purchased. I can imagine a good increase in conversion rate just because of this. It’s good that it’s self-hosted and only a small yearly fee compared to other “search expert companies”. I love it’s only available for woocommerce, and not other platforms :p I have ONE wish only, and that is a wider details panel, and that it works from tablets and not only desktop. I understand the limitations from mobile 🙂Reason for wider details panel: If you have a sticky header, customers with lower screen resolutions will not be able to see the add-to-cart button, as this will end up behind the bottom of the screen. But maybe there is an option in the PRO version for widening the details panel, so it streches past the actual search field? Anyhow – a great must-have-plugin for any woocommerce store.

Our take: FiboSearch is now easily customizable using either the WP dashboard or custom CSS. You can tweak the search bar, details panel, and much more.

  • T: Great Plugin and Support
  • A: bparker41
  • C: This is the best WooCommerce Search Plugin! I just purchased the premium version of this Plugin and it does exactly what it says. I had already tried 2 other Search plugins. The first one broke a lot of styling in my menus and archive templates, nor could I have it search custom fields. The second one claimed it searched custom fields, but it could not search variables. This plugin was very easy to get up and running. The widget worked great so that I could add it to my Elementor Template easily. It searches my ACF Custom Fields, Variable SKU’s, and Product Tags perfect. I could not get it to search a specific custom field that was created by a 3rd party plugin, and when I reached out to tech support, they were able to create code for me to search those fields as well. So far the Tech Support has gone above and beyond in getting this to meet our specific needs. The search is also really quick and I love the side panel display feature. Stop searching now and just get this plugin. Wished I would have found this one first.
  • T: Love THIS Search!!!
  • A: saltwatercolours
  • C: SUPER AWESOME SEARCH!!! Love it! Really, it looks sharp, works great. Tried free version, bought the paid version. VERY HAPPY!! especially when I was looking to have a specific type of meta field from ACF indexed that wasn’t standard. They sent me some code it and it worked FIRST TIME! I feel like usually you have mess with code a little bit when you get some to plug into your website. These guys rock! Great support! Helped me and our search is awesome! So glad we picked this one 🙂
  • T: You are the best.
  • A: srihars7
  • C: Even though you have designed it for yourself, it is much better than many of the Ajax searches available. Hope we dont be getting any issues with it later. If you really can customize the search bar style and fonts in it, everyone would be giving you 10/5. 😉God bless you.

Our take: FiboSearch is now easily customizable using either the WP dashboard or custom CSS. You can tweak the search bar, details panel, and much more.

  • T: Easy and works great!
  • C: Ahh it’s such a nice thing to install and setup a plugin in 24 minutes including translation! I struggle sometimes with badly written plugins but not this one. Clean CSS, works perfectly from minute 0. Recommended. Thank you for your work! I’m grateful. Peter
  • A: champdor
  • T: Best Products Search Plugin
  • A: salmansulthan
  • C: I would like to thank the plugin owners for this amazing work. This is the only plugin that does its job. I tried many other plugins but those plugins search posts instead of Woocommerce products. Kudos to you guys.
  • T: Exactly what I needed and more
  • A: highdesertman
  • C: I’m fairly new to wordpress/woocommerce although I have a technical background. I’m doing my own site and searching options are critical. AJAX was the way to go and this plugin was a breeze. However even better I had a couple of (rookie) questions that that were more related (as it turns out) to using wp and woocommerce. I sent them to the developer and he answered them for me. Wow, thank you.
  • A: tosinalabi
  • C: I installed the plug in and needed help with customising it into my theme and Damian helped me so much, he ensured everything I needed was done and in good timing. Very great plug in! fast and awesome!
  • T: Pro version highly recommended
  • A: benmcd0nald
  • C: I recently installed it to replace the template search functionality (I think they used YITH) because it was sooooo slow. I was impressed with the speed of the free version and took a look at the additional features of the PRO. I literally couldn’t believe how rapidly the pro version works even when the free version is fast enough in itself. The other main issue I had was customisation as the plugin is for an eCommerce site and design is very important. The developer communicates very well and appears eager to help users integrate/customise. In my case I just needed help viewing the HTML markup so I can apply CSS but I get the impression if I had needed help with working out the right CSS I would have probably got that as well. If you need a fast, solid search plugin then go for this one and I’d definitely recommend the PRO. This is a rare case plugin where I can’t actually find any faults or functionality I need that it doesn’t have….and I’m very fussy!!
  • T: Get this plugin!
  • A: akashana
  • C: I have choosen this plugin for several reasons, one of it was that Damian, the developper of it, promises he helps with customization if you buy the pro version. I use the plugin with the avada theme and some more plugins that require custom work. Damian provided a perfect running version and clear installation description in short time. Absolute top! Keep it up Damian, thank you!
  • T: Love this plugin
  • A: jayakornk
  • C: I have been using the free version of this plugin on my client site for quite sometime and I just decided to upgrade to Pro for Brand search. There was a bit of a problem at first so I sent an email to them and they got it fixed within a day or two. Nicely done!! Thanks for an awesome plugin.
  • T: Works great
  • A: ppmtech8102
  • C: We needed a better search than the one that came with our theme. We do race cars, so we especially needed one that allowed for searching with part no.s (SKU). This has been a great option for us. We especially like the little image preview as your typing. The easier the better for our guys.
  • T: Amazing Plugin, Extraordinary Support
  • A: rgval
  • C: Very powerful and fast search bar, it comes a simple admin panel but sophisticated engine inside. The support from Damian has been extraordinary, beyond any expectation. Absolutely recommended. Please get the pro version if you are serious about your WooCommerce shop (searches 5-10 times faster). The pro version makes everything incredibly fast, but still, the free version is the best AJAX plugin out there.
  • T: Best AJAX Search- fast, reliable and free
  • A: himanshugonow
  • C: This AJAX search plugin works very fastly and smoothly. It is very easy to operate and integrate with your woocommerce store. The widget can also be placed ANYWHERE using a dedicated shortcode. The appearance is very nice- it improves functioning as well as the appearance of the store. The speed and customization of results are amazing, thanks to the setting options of the plugin. I appreciate and thank the developer very much for creating such an amazing plugin.
  • T: Great Plugin – Very flexible
  • A: burroujh
  • C: This is a fantastic little plugin. I have several custom product fields that support the product presentation. By being able to add all these extra fields to the search engine, I have the confidence that my customers will find what they need. I Would highly recommend if you are looking for an advanced search engine to improve customer experience.
  • T: Excellent !
  • A: tecvisor
  • C: Nice tool and with a straight-forward and easy setup even for the beginners (i.e. my wife), which, despite it’s apparent simplicity remains rich of options and possibilities. It is designed exactly for what it is supposed to be used for, but with additional nice-looking features and professional appearance. And it works like a charm ! Which is a real plus on a merchant website. Since the installation on her website, she got several positive comments about the “Search” feature. Thank you ! Take care of you and yours.
  • T: The change in search capability is amazing
  • A: vishalpipraiya
  • C: The change in search capability is amazing! the way the results are displayed and the ability to search category names, sku etc. is really helpful. Google allows direct address bar search by typing the website name and pressing tab button, I wonder if it is possible to replace the default search function in that interface with fibosearch?

Our take: Of course you can! However it depends on the theme you use, and we’re integrated with dozens of themes right now. Alternatively, you can embed our bar on your site using a method of your choice – more information here.

  • T: A brilliant little piece of software
  • A: gerhard221
  • C: I haven’t experienced any support issues, but I can tell you this: I dropped the search bar in, and forgot about it. It just sits there and works. And it works extremely well.I have a bookstore, and use it to help the visitors find books. It finds the books and displays the results in a pleasing way. Thank you. Five stars.
  • T: Great tool for WooCommerce Searches
  • A: pcunninghamcleariancom
  • C: If you have a WooCommerce site with variable products, most search tools cannot display child products in search results. FiboSearch decent design and query control and got it done. Thanks guys!

1* and 2*

We decided to present only selected of 1* and 2* reviews. Many of the reviews have become irrelevant since being published, because major and minor fixes to the plugin automatically resolved the issues.

  • T: Avoid this plugin
  • A: TechMan (@techman)
  • C: There is no support. Typical WordPress plugin which leeches off free users to promote their paid version. Once they have earned enough, they stop caring about free users and don’t provide any support. You can see there are threads opened more than 10 days ago and still no reply from developer.

Our take: It’s definitely our bad and we’re terribly sorry for that. The user didn’t receive any support for 10 days. However, it’s an exception to the rule:

We want to avoid giving the impression that FiboSearch Free is just a “typical WordPress plugin which leeches off free users to promote their paid version”. The Free version offers a 100% functional, fast and reliable search for every WooCommerce user out there. We strongly believe that 100k + active installations and a stellar 4.9/5.0 rating speaks for itself. We also put a great deal of emphasis on offering only the best support, period.

We feel for this particular user and understand their frustration. We hope that you found a good solution that works  for you or that FiboSearch Free ultimately started to work properly with your store.

  • T: Results page not working
  • A: vieraliv (@vieraliv)
  • C: The ajax function of the search engine is very nice, but the results page does not work. There is always 404 not found. So I’ve tried different themes and even with “search results page” from Elementor. But none of that works. After several weeks the author has sent me some indications similar to the one in the first ticket. I’m in the process of keeping trying to get it to work, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Our take: The most typical scenario is that a customer encounters a problem → we receive their issue on → our support team reaches out and solves the problem. However, sometimes we simply cannot find the right solution. This is exactly what happened here. Our support tried to come up with a solution, but failed to do so. The user was unsatisfied with the results and understandably we got a low score. We’re sorry for that, but please be aware that with hundreds of thousands of active installations there’ll always be a low percentage of unsolvable problems there.

We do our best to come up with solutions and offer you the best possible support, all for free!

  • T: Fine as long as you don’t have many products or visitors
  • A: Rbkhrlstn (@rbkhrlstn)
  • C: This plugin crashed my site due to all of the ajax calls. I don’t have many plugins installed. From testing and usage testing, this plugin was the slowest plugin on my site and caused crashes. Uninstalled and haven’t had problems since.

Our take: Unfortunately, the user decided not to write to our support about the issue. Without any chance for a closer look, we were unable to help the user. Understandably, unsatisfied with the service, the user decided to issue a low score.

Number of reviews from
Number of reviews from Freemius

FiboSearch Pro reviews from Freemius

The reviews our support team gathered from Freemius, our resale partner, are overwhelmingly positive. All in all, our stats from Freemius are pretty darn impressive:

  • 1* – 2
  • 2* – 4 
  • 3* – 5
  • 4* – 4 
  • 5* – 307

The overall score is similar to 4.9/5.0

Almost a perfect 5.0 from Freemius

These reviews are about our paid, Pro version. It’s worth noting that we offer a 30-day, no questions asked return policy. For customers unsatisfied with our product or support we politely offer the money back.

A typical Freemius comment follows the same pattern:

  • T = title
  • C = comment
  • A = Author

We decided to present only some selected 1* and 2* reviews. Many of the reviews have become irrelevant since being published, because major and minor fixes to the plugin automatically resolved the issues.

Believe it or not, there were just a few of them – the reviews from Freemius are overwhelmingly positive with a stellar 4.9* rating since the release. As the reviews are not public, we publish only the first name/nickname of the customers.


  • T: Excellent!
  • C: Excellent plugin, works perfectly even with a complicated filtering setup and adds exactly the functionality I need! Thanks Kris, well done!
  • A: Araca
  • T: One of the most impressive plugins we use!
  • C: We are very happy with this plugin, it really changed the impression our website makes on the visitors helping us to convert them into customers. Thanks
  • A: Yuriy 
  • T: Awesome Plugin with Amazing Support
  • C: Using this on my current website. it’s super fast and looks really professional ..I wanted to customize the look to match the color theme of my website So I reached out to their support and they helped right away .. it works AMAZING!
  • A: skyhightech
  • T: A fantastic plugin with awesome support!
  • C: I bought the pro plan and couldn’t be happier! The support is tireless and helped me down to the last detail in configuring the plugin.  If you are looking for an alternative solution to the standard WordPress search bar, look no further! This one is worth every penny!
  • A: tiagoamg
  • T: Great Plugin and support!
  • C: Very powerful plugin with very easy configuration. The team support are the best! Response time quick and technical solutions very effective. Thank you!
  • A: arielvega
  • T: The Best Plugin for WooCommerce products search
  • C: FiboSearch; Ajax Search for WooCommerce plugin works like a charm! I think it’s one of the most powerfull plugin for searching WooCommerce products. Every WC shop should use it! Great great plugin! Highly recommended!
  • A: galiwp
  • T: Fixed the Related Products Negative Customer Experience
  • C: It is clear that the basic settings in a Woocommerce site are just not suffice if you want to ensure when your customers are looking at a particular product that they then see the related products match their search criteria. There was no doubt as soon as the website upgraded to the PRO version of FIBOSEARCH it achieved the objective of improving conversion and providing a positive customer experience on the page with the software’s ability to properly serve up the right related products.
  • A: Brian 
  • T: A must have plugin for wooCommerce site
  • C: It really does what it says at their website. The plugin is super fast and doesn’t affect my site’s performance at all. I must appreciate the plugins utility for every e-commerce owner.
  • A: Juned 
  • T: Excellent support
  • C: Got the Pro version and needed to give a hand with Google Analytics 4 implementation. Those guys sent me step by step tutorial with screenshots, explenation and even changed the pieces of code. 100% recommendation for this plugin. Thanks.
  • A: SineMetu
  • C: I installed the plug in and needed help with customising it into my theme and Damian helped me so much, he ensured everything I needed was done and in good timing. Very great plug in! fast and awesome!
  • A: tosinalabi
  • T: Awesome plugin!
  • C: This was the first plugin of this kind of functionality that I used and it just works as expected in a simple way. Loads fast and it’s very simple to add and customize inside any theme you’re developing with
  • A: suegarb
  • T: Best search plugin for Woocommerce / Stores
  • C: This is the only plugin that was able to meet the requirements for our online store, unlike other search options you can display objects prices & add to cart directly from the search menu! The developer is great and the support is top notch! Absolutely recommended if you need searching on your site.
  • A: jacobnz
  • T: The best! Amazing support, amazing speed.
  • C: Don’t be fooled by the speed of the free version, the PRO version is even 100x faster! Almost instant.  I have tested and tried many dropdown search options, and none was better than this one. It’s also very flexible and simple to work with. The support has been amazing with integrating the search on my site. I’m very happy I found Ajax search pro 
  • A: impressao3d
  • T: Extraordinay support, incedibly fast and robust plugin
  • C: I have tested MANY ajax-based search engines for WooCommerce, and this is the one that works best, directly out of the box. It is very simple to use and incredibly robust inside. The pro version is fast, 5-10 times faster than the free plugin. What has been even more extraordinary is how Damian, the main developer, has always quickly replied to all my questions and he even helped developing custom code to make the plugin work the way I wanted. I never write reviews but this has been really beyond my expectations and I absolutely recommend this search engine. I am looking forward to see it grow even further in future updates. Thanks Damian!
  • A: Raul 
  • T: Best search plugin for WooCommerce out there
  • C: This is the perfect plugin for searching WooCommerce products. Really useful is the synonyms feature: for example, one search didn’t return the results that I was looking for because the product pages didn’t contain the search word, but with synonyms you can quickly change that. Don’t worry if you don’t see the new products right away, you have to wait a few minutes for the plugin to do a new indexing.
  • A: Thomas
  • T: Great search plugin. Designed for user functionality.
  • C: Since everyone seems to be in a rush, the ajax search for woocommerce plugin will help speed up their life! Truly, a must have search plugin that is most appealing for users. It was easy to install and place in my navigation panel and in widgets. Remarkable in its functionality in that it keeps a user interested and on your site because they are given that immediate gratification of seeing searched for products.
  • A: Kevin 
  • T: Great Search App for wordpress
  • C: This search app is brilliant, I was having issues with the normal theme search bar showing a placeholder and csv files that I did not want to display, this app cured that problem but also the search functionality is brilliant, I would recommend this to anyone
  • A: sax1
  • T: I’ve been lookng for ages
  • C: I have been searching for ages for a plug in which will do a deep search of our ecommerce site, including variations. I found he free version of Ajax Search for Woocommerce, which didn’t do what I wanted but all other functions were far better than the existing plugin I had. I contacted Damian to ask whether the pro version would do what I needed. He replied almost immediately and gave a full explanation of how it would schieve this. So, I bought the pro version and now my Customers can search for variations of a product and it immediately takes them there (It finds the parent product, so it is easy for them then to select which variation they want. This is a new venture for us and we saw an immediate increase in sales. All in all, I can’t fault eiher the product or the service.
  • A: Trevor 
  • T: Powerful ajax search. Great plugin.
  • C: It does what it says: powerful ajax woocommerce search! Our eshop has thousands of products, hundreds of categories and custom taxonomies. The search results appear in fractions of a second! The help of the support team is fast and excellent. I really recommend this plugin.
  • A: Christos 
  • T: Keep your site a delight to search
  • C: This plugin is a true lifesaver! It gives your users a well-designed advanced AJAX search bar with live search suggestions that makes it easy to find what they are looking for. It also has other nice features, like SEO abilities and content analysis. The developers are professional, too
  • A: Krystian 
  • T: Fixed the Related Products Negative Customer Experience
  • C: It is clear that the basic settings in a Woocommerce site are just not suffice if you want to ensure when your customers are looking at a particular product that they then see the related products match their search criteria. There was no doubt as soon as the website upgraded to the PRO version of FIBOSEARCH it achieved the objective of improving conversion and providing a positive customer experience on the page with the software’s ability to properly serve up the right related products.
  • A: Brian 
  • T: Operation Manager
  • C: This is the best Ajax Search Plugin for WooCommerce. I tested 2 others before I found this one. And this one is by far the best. I was able to use their Widget to easily add it to my Elementor Templates, worked immediately. I am also able to fine tune search queries by searching variable sku’s, custom fields, product tags, and more. Plus there Tech Support has been amazing with the few things I needed help with. Quit searching and just use FiboSearch. Wished I would have found this one first it would have saved me a lot of time.
  • A: Brooke 
  • T: Just Perfect !
  • C: My e-commerce website has loans of 40,000 products and, I must say, FiboSearch Pro extension is excellent not only in the speed of research but also in the quality of sorting it operates. Finally, FiboSearch includes several settings for the appearance of the presentation (CSS), very good customization effects. I don’t regret at all my purchase because now our customers can really quickly and efficiently search for their products throughout our catalog.
  • A: Stéphane 

1*, 2*

  • T: Very disappointed
  • C: The demo plugin works fine slowly again but works I upgraded to PRO and it does not work at all fails to generate indexes in short on the face.
  • A: ofer 

Our take: It’s unfortunate, but without a precise description of the issue, it’s hard to respond to that claim. We hope that this problem has been resolved. We do our best to offer the best support possible.
The opinion was published 09.2021 – we’ve put out more than 100 fixes to our indexing system. It is very likely that the most up-to-date version of FiboSearch Pro will handle the customer’s store correctly.

  • T: My Problem was never solved
  • C: Dear FiboSearch Im still waiting for the feedback for my support-question. I would be happy to be contacted as soon as possible.
  • A: Pascal 

Our take: Actually, the problem was solved. We do our best to offer the best support possible. The customer uses the Pro version up to this day.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into our reviews as much as we did. It really took us a while to dig through all the comments, which was a relatively manual and laborious process. However, it gave us some great insights to what our customers need and value the most:

  • Our support was universally praised, with compliments ranging from “great” to “the best ever seen”
  • The plugin is reviewed as unbelievably fast
  • Many customers simply couldn’t believe that the Free version, with all the features, is – well – free!
  • Many comments come from developers doing sites for clients – and they recommend or use FiboSearch right away!
  • The plugin is praised for its design and overall look
  • Many customers shared that using our plugin hugely improved their sites and the search experience for clients
  • The plugin is super fast to set up
  • Lots of customization options, for both Free and Pro versions
  • Easy integration with many popular themes
  • Easy integration with many popular plugins
  • The ultimate search plugin – many customers 
We take great pride in our amazing support team!

We’ll be happy to hear your comments on the reviews, even if this sounds a bit nonsensical. We’ll definitely do our best to keep such high scores both in and Freemius. Our main goal is to offer you the best free and paid solution you can use in WooCommerce, search-wise. If you were to ask us, the most important thing we’ve learned reading your reviews is how much our support is valuable and praised. We promise to deliver the same quality — we’re here to help you.

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