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Detailed descriptions of new features and improvements that come along with every release.

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.22

FiboSearch v1.22.0 brings a bunch of fixes and additions to FiboSearch. We fixed a few plugin and theme integrations, alongside other fixes and changes. The most important added feature is the User Search history. Offer your users better search UX right away!

User search history

We are delighted to introduce another UX-related feature: user search history. Prompt your customers with products and phrases that they have previously searched for at your store. Quick jumping back provides a smoother shopping experience which they’re just going to love.

2022 Recap

Another year’s just passed by and we have yet another success story to tell. We’re happy that you’re finding our plugin to be a valuable and necessary tool for your stores. Your happy customers are what keeps us going!

FiboSearch in customer reviews

Excerpt: FiboSearch first hit the market in 2016. Since then, we’ve received more than 1300+ reviews for our Free version, as well as 300+ for the Pro. It’s high time that we read and analyze our reviews out loud as a whole, and share some deep cuts with you!

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.21

FiboSearch v1.21.0 brings a bunch of fixes and additions to FiboSearch. Most important fixes are database- and indexer-related. We also integrated FiboSearch with popular plugins – Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce and EAN for WooCommerce. Overall, it is a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.20.0

With this update, we’re bringing a bunch of fixes and smaller additions to FiboSearch. All in all it creates a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

Parallel indexing

A properly built index is one of the key factors for a search engine to perform fast and reliably. We would like to introduce an improved indexing methodology, which we’re adopting with the v1.19.0 version of FiboSearch. Here comes parallel indexing!

What’s new in FiboSearch v1.19.0

This update brings many long-awaited changes and improvements to our plugin. We’ve also incorporated some previously beta or experimental features into the core of FiboSearch. Now they’re ready to be used directly from your WP dashboard and without the need for code (almost exclusively). 

2021 Recap

Another year’s just passed by and for our company it was a time of some major changes. Despite the harsh times of the pandemic, we are happy to announce that we are thriving.

Hello world!

We are delighted to welcome you to our blog! This is the very first post and we’d like to introduce ourselves, give you some insight into our company’s history and tell you what you might expect here in the future.