What’s new in FiboSearch v1.20.0

Written by Piotr Korsak
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With this update, we’re bringing a bunch of fixes and smaller additions to FiboSearch. All in all it creates a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

Table of Contents

Fixes to indexer

Introduced with v1.19.0, parallel indexing gets a handful of fixes. To get into details on the process itself, please read our in-depth blog post Read a full article about parallel indexing and how it improves the search process

Full list of fixes:

  • FIX: Indexer error when the variation has a very long SKU
  • FIX: Constant rebuilding of the index under certain circumstances
  • FIX: Error with repeated indexing products whose languages were not active
  • FIX: Using a second DB connection to a database outside the searchable indexer context
  • FIX: Incorrectly handled transaction to the database during the index build
  • FIX: Index building stuck for unspecified reasons at 80% or 100%
  • FIX: Not including filtered data when indexing a variation of a product
  • FIX: Indexer error when multilingualism is disabled by a constant and the TranslatePress or the qTranslate-XT plugin is active
  • FIX: Unable to add new indexer logs

Added features

  • ADD: Integration with the Woostify theme – read about it in our documentation
  • ADD: Integration with the Neve theme – read about it in our documentation
  • ADD: Integration with WP Rocket – automatic functionality to detect known JavaScript-related issues between WP Rocket and FiboSearch; to read more on what causes initial problems, visit the official WP Rocket documentation here and here.
    With this functionality added, all FiboSearch JavaScript scripts work properly. All works “under the hood” and doesn’t need any involvement on the backend. 
  • ADD: Include block sources in the plugin package

ADD: Search statistics deletable directly from the settings page – from dashboard go to WooCommerce FiboSearchAnalytics (beta) tab scroll down to the “Maintenance” section

  • ADD: Improved logging database-related errors to the indexer 
  • ADD: Improved detection of non-emergency errors occurring while building the index
  • ADD: Integration with the Product Specifications for WooCommerce plugin
  • ADD: Polish translation of the plugin

Additional fixes

  • FIX: Incorrect display of styles while personalizing the search bar
  • FIX: Wrong index settings in Impreza and Enfold theme
  • FIX: Removal of unnecessary language files
  • FIX: Always set the cursor at the end of the input
  • FIX: Incorrect verification of the browser’s support of speech recognition
  • FIX: FiboSearch Analytics – “check” buttons not working on the latest loading list
  • FIX: Unnecessary options and transients deleted after uninstalling the plugin
  • FIX: Unable to save fields starting with capital letters in the “Search in custom fields” feature
  • FIX: Not indexing ACF fields with “-” in the name
  • FIX: Not displaying terms in the “Exclude/include products” option
  • FIX: Duplicated SQL queries during page load
  • FIX: WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce: display search-related code above filters
  • FIX: No search results when a category is excluded with the Polylang plugin active
  • FIX: Notice in indexer logs while indexing of posts/pages with the Polylang plugin active 
  • REFACTOR: Removing references to the dgwt_wcas_si_info table which was deprecated

v1.20.1 – changelog

After the release of v1.20.0, we encountered several issues and had to address them. Here’s the list of all additional fixes to the plugin:

  • FIX: Indexer issues: WordPress Object Cache issues
  • FIX: Indexer issues: “Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.”
  • FIX: Indexer issues: “[Searchable index] Database error “Duplicate entry…”
  • FIX: Warning related to Zend OPcache API when using plugin shortcode
  • FIX: Double indexing for new installations

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