What’s new in FiboSearch v1.24

Written by Damian Góra
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A bunch of 19 bug fixes and 6 additions to FiboSearch. As with every release, we delivered a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

Added Searching interface usable from within PHP
Added Integration with the Minimog theme. Read about it in our documentation
Added Posts, pages, and taxonomy terms are included in the FiboSearch Analytics module
Added A feature that supports the Dark theme feature in the Nave theme
Added Possibility to change the color of a search bar underlay. Only for the Pirx style
Added New search widget and extended search results for Elementor
Fixed Broken integrations with filter plugins when home_url was empty
Fixed Incorrect log file in failed index build reports
Fixed Index build failed because of a missing wp_cache_flush_group() function
Fixed Indexer error [Searchable index] Database error "Duplicate entry '16777215'(...)"
Fixed Indexer error because a column was too short in the database
Fixed Uncode theme – incorrect results on the search results page
Fixed Slow index building when the TranslatePress plugin is active
Fixed PHP exceptions were thrown from the Redis Object Cache plugin and it stopped the indexer-building process
Fixed Wrong position of search icons in the history search module
Fixed Broken suggestions layout and detailed panel visibility when the Minimum characters option is set to less than >1
Fixed Compatibility with PHP 8.1
Fixed Hide unnecessary modules when constant DGWT_WCAS_ANALYTICS_ONLY_CRITICAL is set to true in the FiboSearch Analytics module
Fixed Incorrect display of information about constants on the debug page
Fixed Other minor bugs in the FiboSearch Analytics module
Fixed Integration with the Astra theme – support for version 4.1.0 of Astra Addon
Fixed A HTML tag <br> was unnecessarily stripped in the description in the details panel
Fixed The voice search feature – overlapping icons and disabling functionality on Safari
Tweak New filter to manipulate taxonomy term data that are indexed
Updated French translation
Updated Freemius SDK v2.5.8
Refactor Change order if set settings defaults. Now the defaults are set after calling dgwt/wcas/settings filter
Security A trivial vulnerability in the code. Possible XSS, but it requires an administrator role
Tests Two integration tests that check saving phrases in a database table
Tests Fix assertion in “Analytics / Critical searches without result”

See FiboSearch complete changelog.

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