What’s new in FiboSearch v1.21.0

Written by Piotr Korsak
Max 1min read

A bunch of fixes and smaller additions to FiboSearch. All in all it creates a rich list of improvements to our plugin in a few key areas.

Table of Contents


  • FIX: Double results in the autocomplete
  • FIX: The index cannot be rebuilt with an empty DB prefix
  • FIX: Invalid index status even though the index was built correctly
  • FIX: Not indexing custom fields – this fixes an issue that occurred after integrating FiboSearch with some EAN-related plugins
  • FIX: The endpoint of the search engine responds when the plugin is disabled
  • FIX: Integration with Booster Plus for WooCommerce – error during index building.
  • FIX: UI_FIXER: rebuild all search bars without correct JS events. This fix improves FiboSearch integration with the Divi theme.
  • FIX: UI_FIXER: check if event listeners were correctly added to search inputs. If not, reinitiate the search instance
  • FIX: Unnecessary secondary connection with a database in the indexer
  • FIX: MySQL deadlock errors during index building
  • FIX: Can’t get terms in the “Exclude/include products” option
  • FIX: Integration with the Astra theme – unclosed <div> tag
  • FIX: Missing translation domain in some texts
  • FIX: Database error while updating or deleting product category
  • FIX: “Warning: strpos(): Empty needle” when there is a no “s” parameter (free version)
  • FIX: WP-Cache was ditched in favor of a new self-written object cache solution that uses a non-persistent mode. Some WP Cache-based solutions caused problems while indexing or searching.
  • FIX: Database error while updating or deleting a product category
  • FIX: The indexer issues: WordPress Object Cache issues
  • FIX: The indexer issues: “Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.”
  • FIX: Indexer issues: “[Searchable index] Database error “Duplicate entry…”
  • FIX: Warning related to the Zend OPcache API when using plugin shortcode
  • FIX: Double indexing for new installations
  • FIX: Push the index-building process further after updating the plugin. The index doesn’t start in many cases. 
  • FIX: Integration with WC Marketplace stopped working after it was rebranded to MultiVendorX
  • FIX: Unable to embed search bar as a widget
  • FIX: Disable voice search for Chrome on iPhone or iPad
  • FIX: Exclude saving phrases for analytics when the phrase is ‘fibotests’ or the user had a specific role assigned

Added features

  • ADD: Integration with Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce plugin – read about it in our documentation
  • ADD: Integration with EAN for WooCommerce plugin – read about it in our documentation
  • ADD: selected HTML tags displayed in product names in autocomplete

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