FiboSearch Analytics

Our custom built analytical tool.

FiboSearch Analytics is especially useful when you want to:

  • Increase the numbers of orders by eliminating search phrases that don’t return any results
  • Learn trending keywords by analyzing the results your customers are presented with, including autocomplete suggestions and the results page when hitting the Enter/Return key
  • Check the state of your search system

Table of Contents

FiboSearch Analytics basics

Analytics resides conveniently in a tab in our plugins settings panel. Let’s have a look at how FiboSearch Analytics looks right away:

Top of the tab
Bottom of the tab

We deem our Analytics to be a really unique tool on the WooCommerce market. We encourage you to read our in-depth blog post and tutorial on that topic. There, you’ll get familiar with core concepts, as well as with expertise on how to setup Analytics and use it on a daily basis.

Clear statistics data

If you ever want to clear data gathered by FiboSearch statistics, you can use Maintenance. To get to it, from the FiboSearch statistics tab scroll down all the way to the bottomclick on the link prompting you to “reset your stats”:

Exclude critical phrases

Critical phrases are always stored in the analytics by default. A search phrase becomes critical if it is entered at least three times and it doesn’t return any results. If you want to omit certain phrases, we designed a filter.

This filter excludes unnecessary phrases from critical search reports.

  • To implement it in FiboSearch Free → open the functions.php in your Child Theme and add the code at the end or install the Code Snippets plugin and apply the code below as a snippet
  • To implement it in FiboSearch Pro → create a new empty file fibosearch.php in the root directory of your child-theme → edit this file and paste there the following snippet (don’t forget to add <?php at the beginning):
add_filter( 'dgwt/wcas/analytics/excluded_critical_phrases', function ( $phrases ) {
    $phrases = [
        'unwanted phrase',

    return $phrases;
} );

A critical phrases widget available from WP dashboard

To make the most use of FiboSearch statistics, we’ve created a small widget – it presents critical search data in your main WP dashboard.

To activate it, head to WooCommerceFiboSearchAnalytics tabmake sure the “Show widget with critical searches in Dashboard” box is checkedclick the “Save Changes” button

To actually see the widget, simply head to your WP dashboard:

Every section is pretty self explanatory. We added a quick link for better access to the more detailed Analytics tab for your convenience.

Export data to CSV

You can export statistics data to a CSV file by clicking the “Export CSV” link under the tables:

How to shorten stored data lifespan

If you’d like to shorten stored data lifespan (e.g. from 30 to 14 days), we have a solution in place.

Data used for the Analytics will be stored for 30 days only. But for some stores, especially ones with huge amounts of customers and search queries, we come up with a solution to shorten the search data lifespan. To do so, add this constant to your wp-config.php file:


Of course, please replace “14” with the number of days that you want the data to be stored.

How to restrict stored data to critical searches only?

You can restrict stored data to critical searches only.

Additionally, you can disable storing data from all modules except for “Critical searches” Just add this line to your wp-config.php file:


This way, only no-results phrases will be added to your database. Most importantly, these are the phrases that you ultimately want to fix. What’s more, these occurrences are far less frequent than satisfactory search queries. Thanks to those tweaks your table can be fine-tuned to serve your store’s purpose and workload.