How to change limits in the search suggestions?

The suggestions limit can be managed via the plugin settings: WooCommerceFiboSearchAutocomplete (tab)Limit. There is only one option to set the limit for all mixed-type suggestions. This means that if you set the limit to 10 and you have 10 relevant posts, 10 pages, 10 products, 10 categories, and 10 tags, you’ll get 10 suggestions (2 posts, 2 pages, 2 products, 2 categories, and 2 tags). The algorithm allocates space equally.

FiboSearch Pro allows you to set the limits separately for posts, pages, products etc. Create a new fibosearch.php file in the root of your child theme directory and paste the following code:

// Disable flexible limits
add_filter('dgwt/wcas/flexible_limits', function(){
    return false;

// Set custom limits
add_filter('dgwt/wcas/search_groups', function($groups){

    $groups['tax_brand']['limit'] = 3;
    $groups['tax_product_cat']['limit'] = 4;
    $groups['tax_product_tag']['limit'] = 5;
    $groups['post']['limit'] = 5;
    $groups['page']['limit'] = 5;
    $groups['product']['limit'] = 3;

    return $groups;