Google Analytics

The plugin sends custom events to Google Analytics. There are two categories of events:

  1. Autocomplete Search with results
  2. Autocomplete Search without results


  1. You can see all terms typed by users that don’t return products. To increase sales you have to correct the product names or descriptions to cover these terms.
  2. You can better understand your customers by analyzing what they type in the search engine.
  3. You can check which products are most often searched
  4. You can check which products aren’t searched and why

How to enable it?

This feature is enabled out of the box. It requires only the GA tracking code installed on your website.

Do you need more data for analysis?

Google Analytics has a special Site Search feature. The site Search feature lets you understand the extent to which users took advantage of your site’s search function, which search terms they entered, and how effectively the search results created deeper engagement with your site.

The site search feature requires your actions. You have to enable this module in GA and enable Site Search in the plugin also.

Enable Site Search in GA

1. Go to Admin screen

2. Open “View Settings” view

3. Enable “Site Search” module

4. Add “s” as a query parametr.

5. Save settings

Paste the following code into functions.php in your child theme or use Code Snippets plugin.

 * Enable Google Analytics Site Search module
add_filter('dgwt/wcas/scripts/enable_ga_site_search_module', '__return_true');


Disable sending any data to GA

To disable integrarion with Google Analytics paste following code functions.php in your child theme or use Code Snippets plugin.

 * Disable sending data to Google Analytics
add_filter('dgwt/wcas/scripts/send_ga_events', '__return_false');