Search bar layout

When, from the dashboard, you go to WooCommerceFiboSearchSearch bar tab and scroll down to “Appearance”, you’ll be able to pick one of four different layouts for our search bar. Let’s have a look at the settings screen:

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There are four distinctive layouts at your disposal:

  1. Search bar
  2. Search icon
  3. Search icon on mobile, search bar on desktop 
  4. Search bar on mobile, search icon on desktop

Every layout comes in two distinctive styles – Solaris, our default style, and our latest one: Pirx.

Functionalities are 100% the same for both styles so we’ll only present them in the Solaris style.

The most common and ubiquitous design, resembling the default WooCommerce search bar.

Layout 2 — Search icon

A plain magnifying glass icon, a popular search bar symbol.

Layout 3 — Icon on mobile, search bar on desktop

As described above, the search bar appears when users browse your shop on the desktop and then automatically switches to an icon at a custom set breakpoint.

Layout 4 — Icon on desktop, search bar on mobile

Inversely, the icon appears on the desktop and the search bar on the mobile version of the browser.

Layout as a shortcode parameter

You can also embed a specific layout on your site using shortcodes.

This list corresponds directly to the layouts described in the first section of this article:

[fibosearch layout="search-bar"]
[fibosearch layout="icon" ]
[fibosearch layout="flex-icon-on-mobile"]
[fibosearch layout="flex-icon-on-desktop"]

Moreover, you can set up precise breakpoints within shortcodes – this way the search bar will switch to an icon (or vice versa) when a specified width is met.

[fibosearch layout="flex-icon-on-mobile" layout_breakpoint="800" ]
[fibosearch layout="flex-icon-on-desktop" layout_breakpoint="800" ]