Refers to FiboSearch Free only

Always displays all products on the search results page

This bug only occurs in the Free plugin version when you have blocked public access to the website using, for example, basic auth, Coming Soon, etc.


The Free plugin version sends HTTP requests to itself using the wp_remote_get() function. Instead of search results, the server receives an HTTP error with, for example, the 403 Forbidden code.

How to fix it?

Let your server make the HTTP request itself. 

  1. If you have restricted access to selected IPs, add the IP of your server to the whitelist.
  2. If you use basic auth, add the following code to your wp-config.php file. Change the user and password to yours.

Go to the directory /fibosearch and create an empty index.php. The path should be /fibosearch/index.php.


You could also ignore it because this error only occurs in the staging/development environment, where you block public access.